( Formerly Kim Knode before her marriage to David Watkinson )

Life's circumstances have given Kim a great appreciation and first hand understanding of different cultures.

Thanks to her father, the VP of Southeast Asia for Merrill Lynch, Kim grew up in Tokyo, Japan. Kim's Wimbledon tennis star mother further enhanced her international education by taking Kim on frequent travels abroad.

After much success as a teenage actress in Japan, where she was a featured player on a popular television series, Kim moved to Los Angeles, graduated from UCLA and acted in a number of American films and commercials.

Currently living in Santa Monica, California, Kim has pursued her passion for learning about other people and cultures by writing articles and producing video interviews that are designed to inspire, inform, educate and entertain.

Kim's Los Angeles cable TV interview show, Cup O' TV, has featured Kim's interviews with Emmy award winning artists, celebrities and authors. To see a Quicktime clip of her interview with the Director/Choreography of the hit Broadway show Swing! please click here. For comments about Kim by some of her guests, please click here.

Besides producing scripts for Cup O' TV, Kim has pursued her love of writing by writing articles for print and for the Internet (including a prize winning article for BrassRing.com).

However, Kim's current focus is writing for children and taking on the role of the Ninja Baker; "Stalking the Sweet Stuff of Life."



National Geographic photojournalist and author of Sisters on the Bridge of Fire, Debra Denker:

"As well as possessing a keen mind, Kim has a fine background in world politics, literature and spirituality, which makes her a well-rounded interviewer."


Another World soap opera star, Kale Brown:

"Kim is a human can opener!"


Dr. Linda Seger, author of Making a Good Script Great, Making a Good Writer Great, When Women Call the Shots, and Creating Unforgettable Characters:

"Kim had wonderful questions. It was a great discussion."




From an interview with a soap star to a piece on London and Stratford-upon-Avon, Kim Knode's curiosity has led to the publication of her articles on a wide range of topics in various venues.

Listed below are some of Kim's articles that have appeared in print:


“Meredith Baxter’s Brave New Ballroom World”

After three Emmy nominations, several hit series and movies, Meredith Baxter ventures into a “Brave New Ballroom World.”



"Balanchinesque Ballroom Intoxication"

George Balanchine's protégé and the danseur famed for bringing virility to ballet intoxicates a California audience with the heady thrill of dancing in The Neighborhood Ballroom.



"Paul Pellicoro on Passion and Pacino"

FROM DANCING USA NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2001Paul Pellicoro, the President/Owner of Manhattan’s largest Latin and ballroom DanceSport studio speaks of sipping espresso with Pacino and the passionate Tango.


"At the Heart of Healing and DanceSport: Sarah La Saulle Ph.D."

Prominent, popular psychologist and author discusses her own heart healing through DanceSport.

From DANCING USA, May/June 2003


"Get That Swing"

From a Harlem neighborhood in the late 1920s, the Lindy Hop emerged to inspire and play grandfather to future styles of Swing dancing. See how the progression of Swing has brought joy to generations of lovers of dance and music!

Performing Arts Magazine, December 2000


"There's Something About Melanie"

There's something about Melanie that keeps students coming back for more jumpin' and jivin' to the rhythms of Swing! Kim looks into the magical life of this two-time U.S. Opens Swing Champion.

Dance Teacher Magazine, April 2000


"Dream Boats"

Samba in South America? Moonlight midnight walks on Mount Whitney anyone? "Dream Boat" follows the adventurous trail of two starry eyed dancers who have found their studio of their dreams aboard the Crystal Harmony.

Dance Teacher Magazine, January 2000


"Do the Hustle!"

Whisper the word, "Hustle" and the masses think of Travolta in a tight, white suit and faded images of disco line dancing. Debra Hampton, co-creator of the Hustle USA Championships, dispels the myths and displays the incredible discipline required to execute the "dancer's dance."

Dance Teacher Magazine, May/June 1999


"Buddy Schwimmer: Creator, Coach & Comic"

Schwimmer still cuts the rug with the Nightclub Two-Step, a dance he created 30 years ago. He also coaches 16 Time World Professional Latin dance champion, Donnie Burns. Kim talks to Schwimmer about his philosophy on success. " Put first things first, that's family. When there is a problem, it's just like a bad step, a technicality. Work it out . Enjoy your family. Enjoy your dance."

Dance Teacher Magazine, April 1999


"Let's Dance L.A.: Serves up Soulful Salsa"

Kim discovers that teaching duo, Enio Cordoba and Teryl Jones are taskmasters about technique and passionate about sharing Latin rhythms of the heart.

Dance Teacher Magazine, March 1999


"Travel: Relax in England: London and Stratford-upon-Avon "

The author enjoys a respite in the land of the Bard.

JAL Employees Magazine, September 1994



"Phillip Morris: More than just a Soap Star "

Kim visits Phillip and his family in Manhattan Beach, California. She learns of his fascinating journey to the world of glamour.

University Reporter, May 1994



As the actress behind the character Dottie (from the feature film "Eating"), Kim writes about her understanding of the relationship between her emotional life and her attitude toward food.

Henry Jaglom, Eating: A Very Serious Comedy About Women & Food, (Hollywood: Rainbow Filmbooks/Samuel French Trade, 1990), 184





A variety of Internet sites have included articles by Kim Knode:


"Straight to the Heart of Hollywood Moxie: A Candid Interview with Sally Kirkland"

Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominated actress, Sally Kirkland reveals to Kim the dramatic details of life on and off the silver screen

Moxie E-Zine, March 2000


"John Dykstra"

The Oscar-winning special effects master, John Dykstra tells Kim about his Star Wars and Stuart Little adventures.


"Dreaming with Your Eyes Wide Open"

A visit to the visual effects house, Digital Domain, where artists' dreams turn into realistic renderings in films such as Titanic and Grinch.


"The Computer Set Meets the Jet Set on the Movie Set"

Kim Knode's 1st place prize winning article in the Arts and Entertainment category of the BrassRing.com writing contest.

BrassRing.com, October 2000


"A Path to Peace , The Way of Tea"

Hidden in the heart of Los Angeles, Kim happens upon a serene tea garden and its keeper.

Themestream.com, April 2000


"The Dancing Queen : Mrs. California International 2000"

A discovery of twists and turns on the trail to the treasured tiara.

Wordarchive.com, May 2000


Dance Articles from Kim's Swing/Ballroom Site at About.com:


"Swinging in the East Wing"


"The Dancing Sax Man"


"The Top of the Castle"


"Close Encounters of a Swing Kind"


"Crossing Over into Ballroom (Part I)"


"Crossing Over into Ballroom (Part II)"


"Frankie Manning: A Legend from the Home of Happy Feet"


"Mambo with the Salsa Queen: Laura Canellias"


"Pasadena's Swinging Lindy Star: Erin Stevens"


"The Swinging Emissary of Tokyo"


"Patti Rayner : Dauntless Director of the Heartfelt Foundation"

An interview with the woman who gives her life to service in the City of Angels .

Themestream.com, May 2000


"The Sally Kirkland Vu from the Land of the Silver Screen"

The Golden Globe winner opens up to Kim in this featured article about her professional and personal struggles and victories.

The-Vu.com, August 2000


"Traditional Tea Ceremony Tips for Foreigners "

Helpful hints for visitors new to the ancient art of tea.

Themestream.com, April 2000






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